Friday, July 15, 2011


Wants, wishes, desires - can they be limited to seven? Nahhh. This is a very difficult task. The list of my wants and desires is updated constantly on a daily or hourly basis. I like to dream, imagine and make silly, random wishes relentlessly. Staunch believer in air castles, wish horses, fairy tales and genie here goes my edited list of seven wants:

  1. DREAM JOB!!! A job that requires me to travel around the world and document or talk about the same . The thought of visiting new locations, experiencing local cuisine , culture and landscape and getting paid for it is the ultimate desire.
  2. And another of my top wants will be to eat my favourite food items in unlimited quantity without thinking about the repercussions or after-effects. Well to be honest I actually practice this. With food I really do not care about the consequences and eat to my heart’s content. But unlimited quantity may need a scientific/biological/genealogical intervention therefore I call on all mad scientists to experiment and help me get this done :D
  3. One of my secret desires is to become a movie critic. With my limited knowledge of cinema, I am far from even being a commentator on the subject but the world of movies excites me immensely and the greatest joy would be to share my views and experience with a larger audience. There’s a long way to go for that. Taking up a film course to begin with may not be a bad idea.
  4. A road trip to Leh Ladakh is part of the bucket list as well. This has been on my mind for quite some time now. Hope the plan materializes soon.
  5. I want to learn a foreign language. This again has been a long pending plan. I am greatly fascinated by languages and feel they are the gateway to a particular culture and region. I want to begin with Spanish. I love the accent and may be Penelope Cruz has a great role in making the language sound so sensual.
  6. A date with ALL of these three men – Amitav Ghosh, Aamir Khan AND George Clooney. Random options but these are three men I would give anything to meet in a lifetime. I met Amitav Ghosh recently and it was an amazing experience. Such a humble and friendly author. Would love to just sit and hear them talk. For a change I promise to keep quiet :P
  7. The last and final would be a month long trip to Europe. Would love to roam around the places I have till date read about and fantasized often via novels, stories and movies. A long Euro trip without the hassles of work and deadlines will be the grand gift that I look forward to.

PS: In case any of you find my Genie roaming around aimlessly, just send him back. His bottle awaits him.

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