Sunday, May 14, 2017


The latest PregaNews ad, Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act and Kareena Kapoor have managed to successfully make ‘working mothers’ the new cool topic of discussion. As a new mother, I can’t thank them enough. We all know motherhood is blissful and all that, however this post isn’t about celebrating the toughest job in the world.

I would like to draw your attention to interesting reactions people have towards new mothers. The cute, innocuous words/remarks uttered can have totally different interpretations for new mothers. Listing down some of my favourite ones. Let’s try to see them from a new mommy’s lens.

Disclaimer: I might have been guilty of the below mentioned points as well at some point of life, so feel free to judge
  1. You have not changed as a person – In my head, I am actually responding to this with ‘I popped out a baby and not my brain’, however in real life, it is just a gentle smile.
  2. You have lost/gained so much weight – After a life changing event, it is best not to put additional guilt on a new mommy.
  3. How is the baby managing without you? – Ask this at your own risk. I cried buckets on my first day at work post maternity leave, every time someone asked me about my baby.
  4. Your baby does not look like you – Good for her as long as she inherits my traits or good habits. Also, you should become a face reader.
  5. Must be tough managing a baby and a job – Yes, it is. Just don’t add to the misery if you can’t help.
  6. You look tired – Oh yes! Try waking up 4 or 5 times at night for feeds followed by early morning play with a hyperactive baby and then driving to work on time.
  7. Your baby looks thin/fat – Who appointed you on the panel of a beauty pageant or are you a living weighing scale? As long as my doc is fine with baby’s growth, her vital stats shouldn’t really be anyone’s concern.
  8. How can you trust anyone else with your baby? – Can’t help if you have trust issues, I try to do the best I can to get to work and earn a livelihood.
  9. Leaving early? – Yes, coz I walked in early while you were still figuring out your attire for the day. I arrive on time and try to wrap up on time as there’s a hungry soul waiting for my return. Too bad if you don’t manage your time well.
  10. Did you have a boy/girl? What’s his/her name? (more than once) – Don’t bother, most likely you won’t remember. Also, I call my baby with 10 different names :D Might be a good exercise for memory test.