Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Feel unshackled today,
Let out to roam in the wilds again,
To experience the fresh whip of air,
Free from the invisible ties to thyself,

Feel elevated once again,
Seems my spring has arrived,
After the dry spell of winter,
Happy to be myself.


Found a few days back,
The scar refuses to vanish,
It’s here, it’s there,
Feels scarred for life.

Tried to wash it away,
But water seems to have no effect,
Rubbing it does not help,
Ever seen such a bizarre ugly pitch black patch?

Ogling constantly with the might of its malice,
Challenging me to remove it or forget it for life,
Can I either is the question?
For the time being have hidden it under wraps,
How long? How long?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Traded off innocence for wisdom,
Grabbed unrest over serenity,
Dreamland exchanged for insomnia,
Replaced the music within with cacophony,
Sold dreams for reality,
Killed thyself for norms of sanity,

And all this for what?
Life gave choices galore,
Have opted for all the dictated ones,
Lost the rhythm to gain the momentum,
Now the poisoned self smiles with pain.