Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The agony and pain of an entire generation,
Partaken to unshackle the chains of a nation.
Golden dreams woven for a bumper future
Bloodshed and sacrifice all embraced with great pride.

Now decades later questions arise,
Will somebody gather the courage to apprise?
Ask the happy faces that were hanged,
Ask the women who were widowed,

Ask the men who spent their youth jailed,
Ask the girls who were brutally raped,
Ask the kids who were snatched off their childhood,
Ask the families uprooted from their livelihood.

This is not the India we had left for you to shape
This is not your property to abuse and rape
Was it not enough to go through one partition?
That every other day there are demands of more abrasions

Slice it, divide it and pounce on whatever is left,
Arm yourselves with the ammunition of hatred.
Let there not be any scope for love and mankind.
With such well wishers inside, is there any need for enemies outside?

Here comes another opportunity of power play,
Leave not a stone unturned to make hay.
Fool the fooled, bribe the rich and rip apart the poor,
For here adds in our history books another golden chapter.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Another New Year has crept in silently and before even realizing a week has already gone past in 2010. It is a little scary at times; pondering over the fact that almost 1/3rd of life has been spent on this planet. But I have miles to go before I sleep :)

Although promises are hardly kept but I will strive to at least fulfill the ones made to myself ;) So here goes a quick wish list for my 2010. This post is more of a note to myself and hopefully after putting this on my blog, I would work on achieving the same with utmost diligence.

  • Will take up a cause - yes something beyond the cause of hunger, dwindling profits of multiplex owners and sweet-shop owners :P Would focus on the cause of education of the underprivileged kids. Have already started on this one as a volunteer of an NGO, Udayan Care. Hope to live up to this commitment and take it to greater heights
  • I hereby pledge to lead a healthier lifestyle - Eat, drink, splurge in moderation & exercise more. Thus, help the Indian economy grow leaps & bounds with my contribution by devouring less and paying the gym owners more :P
  • Will try to go as green as possible. That means besides wearing more green :P will be more careful in my carbon footprint. However, that will not mean that I shun books and shift to e-reader, Kindle. Will catch up on my reading of real books and finish the long list awaiting me.
  • Will not leave any opportunity to travel around and explore new places despite chiding from mom and inch closer towards my dream to travel around the world :)
  • Also, plan to pick up a new hobby or a new activity this year
  • Will not lose my temper unnecessarily - Will stay calm and try practice Yoga as advised by many :P Will try to be more open to people, situations & life in general - Ponder before making prejudices and will maintain my usual enthusiastic approach to life :)
  • Also last but not the least will pay more attention to my blog & keep the posts flowing regularly
Hope it is a Happy 2010 in true sense :)