Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The agony and pain of an entire generation,
Partaken to unshackle the chains of a nation.
Golden dreams woven for a bumper future
Bloodshed and sacrifice all embraced with great pride.

Now decades later questions arise,
Will somebody gather the courage to apprise?
Ask the happy faces that were hanged,
Ask the women who were widowed,

Ask the men who spent their youth jailed,
Ask the girls who were brutally raped,
Ask the kids who were snatched off their childhood,
Ask the families uprooted from their livelihood.

This is not the India we had left for you to shape
This is not your property to abuse and rape
Was it not enough to go through one partition?
That every other day there are demands of more abrasions

Slice it, divide it and pounce on whatever is left,
Arm yourselves with the ammunition of hatred.
Let there not be any scope for love and mankind.
With such well wishers inside, is there any need for enemies outside?

Here comes another opportunity of power play,
Leave not a stone unturned to make hay.
Fool the fooled, bribe the rich and rip apart the poor,
For here adds in our history books another golden chapter.


  1. OMG Liza!! wherever do u hide this side of yours?!! or do are we just supposed to hear the evil sounding laughter :P

  2. hehe Thanku Sarmi & will try 2 show more of this side :)

  3. Hey Liza

    Great post. Touched by many points. The last 12 lines are really nice.

    And yeah. Please let me know when you stand for the election this time. Will support and vote for you! :P

    @sanz4u on twitter :)

  4. @Sanjay Thanks. Will sure consider the option knowing your support :P

  5. @RT Thanks for pushing me to write this one :)