Thursday, June 30, 2011


It has been a long time since I visited my blog and was extremely guilty about this. So, when I recently saw an update from @s4sukhdeep about an interesting ‘10 Day You Challenge’ (started by Preeti), I thought this might be the right opportunity to get back to posting on my neglected blog. So, challenge accepted and there go ten of my secrets as part of this challenge. Shhh do not share it with the rest :)

The breaking news worthy ‘Ten Secrets’

1. I love food and have a set of 32 sweet teeth (yes all of them have a sweet liking) – now this may not be a secret to most people who know me but the secret is that as a kid I had polished off an entire plate of sweets served to me and my parents. Imagine the expression of pure horror on my parents’ face when they saw me happily gobbling down the entire plate of sweetmeats at their friends place. My mother was so embarrassed after seeing me gorge on all *mithai* served to my parents and me that she informed the hostess that they were not hungry any more :P (I can’t imagine what I would do if my child was to do the same)

2. And for the record, the name is LIZA and NOT LISA! I hate it when anyone refers to me as Lisa, it is just a 4 lettered name and yet some people insist on swapping my beloved “Z” for a ‘’S” despite repeated reminders. Just to prove a point and take on MS Word on the same issue, I prefer using “S” instead of “Z” for words like organisations (British style). Also, it is just rude not to notice someone’s name’s spelling beyond the first time. The name bit has given me so much grief that it resulted in an elaborate post!

3. I categorize sleep as an activity required to keep the human body functioning. If I could get away by not sleeping at all, I would happily do so. I am perfectly fine with 4-5 hours of sleep everyday and there have been days where I have slept even lesser and woken up perfectly fresh and energetic. I feel rather guilty if I ever manage to sleep during the day time.

4. Till about four years back I did not even know how to cook rice or how the lentils took the shape of liquid. And now I can proudly say I can cook most dishes without much help from phone-o-mommy. I have enjoyed my evolution in the kitchen and it has been a journey of self discovery of sorts for a foodie. From a point where I would measure the amount of spices before putting it in a dish to the amount of water in the cooker to hosting lunch/dinner at home for friends, cook Liza has come a long way all thanks to friends and the phone. MIND YOU I still prefer someone else cook for me.

5. As a kid, I actually believed that people in the TV could see us as well and hence, I would never change in front of the TV set :P I was a complete TV addict as a kid and teenager. In the growing phase, I hate to admit but I was also addicted to the K serials and all the soap operas thanks to my granny and mommy. I had become so good at predicting the plots and twists that once when there was an advertisement in a leading daily of Kolkata about Balaji Telefilms’ talent hunt in the city for some scriptwriters, actors etc, my mother actually suggested I should go ahead and participate. Well, Balaji’s loss is PR’s gain :P

6. I cannot ride the bicycle. There…I said it. It isn’t that I did not try…I mean how do you think I discovered gravity? This is one of my major regrets till date and someday I will learn and ride the bicycle on my own.

7. I was one of those rare breed of kids who would cry to go to school even on a rainy day. Yes, I totally enjoyed school and nothing much changed in college. I hardly bunked college without any good reason. Movies, parties all were planned post or prior to classes. Nothing much has changed at work, all my leaves are planned. Have hardly taken any leave in my 4 year career span without a plan or illness.

8. I am a person of small things. I totally love the small gestures and activities by known and unknown people. I might forget about an expensive gift but I will never forget a small gesture of love or kindness. I still carry a poem written by one of my teachers on the occasion of my 13th birthday. For that matter, I also have a box full of old letters, cards and gifts – priceless treasure of childhood.

9. Well this may not be a secret just a fact but I find it very amusing. The fact is that my brother and I were very strategically born. I was born when Indira Gandhi died and my brother was born when Rajiv Gandhi died. *My lord, both of us have no role in the conspiracy*

10. I absolutely adore kids of all shapes and sizes and they adore me right back too. But I completely amazed myself when recently at a camping outing, a 9-10 year old girl came up to me for relaying a message sent by her mother AND called me ‘Aunty’. My immediate shocking response was Aunty hogi teri Maa!!! :)