Sunday, September 4, 2011


A romantic once fell in love with a cynic,
Sparks flew left, right and centre.

He longingly stared at the shining moon,
She could only see the ugly, dark patch.
He had already imagined the rosy life ahead,
She was bothered by the thorns of the past.

He knew sky was the limit for both,
She feared that her sky might get limited.
He found romance in the wafting clouds,
She feared the thunderstorm and torrential rains.

He envisioned his dreams come true in Technicolour,
She found comfort in boring, mundane colours.
He wanted to roam around the whole world,
She was afraid of getting lost in the vastness.

He wanted to shower her with promises galore,
She believed promises were meant to be broken.
He found music in her laughter,
She resisted being swayed by his rhythm.

He waited,
She pondered.
And finally love struck,
Together they saw the world as never before.