Saturday, July 2, 2011


Love is one of my frequently abused words. I use it a lot regarding any possible topic, person, object I am very excited, happy or passionate about. I love to love and I love to hate.

1. Ah! This is easy – Ma. I love, respect and dote on my mother, and I simply adore my grannies. These three ladies are my topmost loved people and I know for a fact I mean the world to them. Ma and I share a 19 year old gap (yes she was married early and I was born in time) and I often get to hear from people ‘Is she your elder sister?’ I hate it and love it both. More than mother she is a friend and there are hardly any bits of my life that I do not share with her - right from my daily meals to my friends to my outings. Yes, everyday despite the 1500km distance. Aamma (my paternal granny) is one fun lady and she is one person who has more faith on me than myself. Dida (maternal granny) does not stay with us but is close family and the most magnanimous person I have ever known.

2. I hate to admit it but I love my kid brother. He is everything that I am not, and that may be something that makes me love him even more. Introvert, geeky, hates to interact with people at large and specializes in wisecracks. He is not the regular epitome of the young generation, he is different and I cherish that about him. And then of course my dear cousins who have donned various roles of siblings, friends, and partners in crime are again top on my love circle.

3. *F.r.i.e.n.d.s *….YUP, where would I be without them. I had once read - if count of your friends exceeds your fingers or toes, you are lucky. Oops in that case, I need additional 10 hands and legs!! Well and I love them ALL. They do define me and have made the journey called life so much more fun, and did I mention they help me keep sane? So, school friends, college friends, Post Grad friends, work friends and friends across my stay in three cities have been the love of my life. Wish I could put one collage of my group of friends but there are way too many loved, valued friends and I just fear missing out on any one of them. Even if you have spent a moment of happiness or sorrow or misery with me, trust me it has meant a lot and you are a friend for life.

4. My lifeline - movies, books and music…they make an addict! I think and breathe them 365*24*7. I watch A LOT of movies, there is always a book by my bedside (just don’t ask me about my reading speed) and music is a constant companion.

5. I love to travel and the mere thought of exploring a new place makes me ecstatic. I’m struck with this constant wanderlust and often browse through travel portals and magazines to be transported to a wonder land. I try to plan as many trips as possible in the limited means of resources and most importantly availability of holidays.

6. SEA. I never realized how much I liked and then loved it. Took me quite a few trips to realize how much I love listening to the waves crashing on the shore, witnessing the sunrise and sunset by the waterside, swimming in the sea and just taking a stroll on the beach. My favorite activity remains picking sea shells on the sea shore.

7. Loquacious. Babbler. Talkative. (etc*)…yup that is me. AND I love it. Did I mention I love laughing too?! In my happy or normal mood and with my set of friends, I can go on and on any given topic. And about my laughter, I would rather not say much. In my office, there is a recorded laughter of mine which can pass of as a non-stop 5 minute laughter track. One of my colleagues recently told me he uses it to scare his daughter. :-/

8. This one might sound silly but I love my profession and you know what? It is a perfect blend of my loves 3, 4, 5, 7 :D (yeah that is a smug smile) and given an option to reconsider my career choice, would any day choose Public Relations as a profession. I love my job and my office and they mean a lot to me.

9. Last and kindly note in NO WAY the LEAST...this clearly defines me…my love for food and anything sweet! I am a complete foodie at heart and even the mere mention of good food is enough to give me the kicks. Many people have told me that it is a pleasure to eat with me as there are very few people who enjoy food the way I do. The item that accelerates my excitement levels to manifold times would be sweets. Friends have given me interesting names on this: Chinti (ant), Cake annihilator and the latest being Sweeto (on the lines of Magneto in X-men)

To sum it up: I love life and believe in enjoying every moment of it.


  1. It was fun after knowing about the 'Nine Loves' in ur life.... Waiting anxiously to go through the 'Nine Fears'.... I hope there are some :P

  2. OOPS... Sorry, i meant to say 'Eight Fears'.... Just got the count down by 1...

  3. @Santanu Nice to know you are anxiously waiting :P This is an added pressure to keep writing. Too much :P