Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Yes the title does seem wrong in the first in how can happiness be fistful right........but does it mean in that case that due to the the various syntax of grammar happiness can only be unbound. Have often wondered how the meaning of happiness has evolved from one stage to the other stage of life. As a 5 yr old kid happiness meant that 5 Star which was not bought despite repeated demands or that bunch of colourful gas ballooons in the fair which was rubbished off as a fancy item of no purpose. As a teenager happiness meant that pink dress which mom won't agree to buy or that first card that was delivered in some nervous moments. In college happiness meant cribbing about the pocket money which was never sufficient and making fun of all the sane things said in lectures........But now has happiness stagnated to mean only getting that pair of new branded jeans or that wrist watch that is on discount or dining at the new upmarket restaurant which levies more service tax than what you order for.........It is a little strange how the meaning of happiness transforms at different stages of life.........But don't know probably had never intended this to be my definition of happiness in life.........Not that I am against consumerism and capitalism and the likes...........actually I am very much a part of the system and probably most of my happiness is also courtesy this world of consumerism, if not I am very much a part of the system..........but probably somewhere down the line it seems have lost a part of me in this world of brands and luxuries........So why fistful of happiness? Today the reason is Puja, Aniket, Ayush and Mita.......They are HIV+ and they live in an orphanage........Wait before any thought of sympathy comes to your mind and kindly refrain from any such thoughts wandering in your there is absolutely no need........These bundles of joy are capable of giving you a lot more than you can possibly think of providing them.........The fistful of happiness that they uphold cannot be probably described in can only be experienced.......but I thank them immensely for sharing their fistful of happiness with me Puja, Aniket, Ayush, Mita and your friends this is for you...........oodles of love and blessings for a wonderful life ahead..........and thanks a ton for returning something precious to me.......Bless you and love you loads :)


  1. Nice post.
    well written and you did well by adding meaning to very first blog post! cheers!

  2. How beautifully written & so very've captured the essence of the confused triggers we associate with happiness today in the midst of our search for the ultimate state of happiness...your experience at the orphange gives a glimpse of that blissful state, truly touching!